Fur – The Haunt – 24th February 2018

Photo by Ben Walker

Playing their largest headline show to date, upcoming Brighton talent Fur brought together a packed show tonight which was fun, fresh and what may possibly be the resurgence of a genre into the modern age.

Opening tonight are BLUSH, a Brighton group who already have a great deal of respect from the Brighton music community, their dreamy sounds and soothing tones from vocalist Asya Fairchild made for a great opening to the evening. This was Blush’s first show back in around half a year, so the nerves were surely flowing, but the group performed a fantastic set which will surely be the foundation for many more this year.

Following are Drip Gloss, who have quickly become one of my new favourite upcoming acts. This band are doing absolutely everything right: they have the image, the sound and the memorable personality which will keep audiences coming back to them over and over again. The level of energy behind their set is fantastic and the addition of a psychedelic backdrop added a great deal of atmospherics to the band. Imagine a mix of Fickle Friends and (old) MGMT, and you’re almost at Drip Gloss. This band are definite professionals in the making and are following the right path to fame, keep them in mind because this will not be the last time you hear of the brilliant Drip Gloss.

As the room fills to capacity, it’s great to see such a strong turn out for Fur’s set. A plethora of vibrant characters can be seen throughout the venue and are all eager to have a great time to Fur’s truly unique sound. Having only released three tracks out into the world, all of which have racked up listens into the hundreds of thousands, it is surprising to see the band headlining a larger venue. However, as the group open, all doubts are cast aside and we set into an evening of simply brilliant sound.

Fur aren’t quite like any group around the city today, they’re bringing with them an entirely new resurgence to what can only be described as blend of 60s pop crossed with modern undertones. Even down to vocalist Will Murray’s signature bob hair cut, this band exude nothing but pure retro vibes and it works in their favour miraculously well.

Likewise, the talent behind the group is incredible: the lyricism is catchy, engaging and portrays a real sense of relatable narrative, whilst the accompanying instrumentals provide a phenomenal level of power and edge to the sound. The bass work is bouncy and flamboyant, the drum beats are incredibly sharp whilst holding an inherent level of slack and complex rhythms which really drive the beat along. Finally, the solo work is simply a work of art, screaming notes flood the room into a sea of colour and passion. When all of these aspects cumulate together, it’s easy to see why there is such a hype around this band.

As the set reaches its optimum flow, the group bring forth the anthem which is ‘You Don’t Know Me’, sending the crowd into a flurry of bouncing, chanting and general chaos. This song is the embodiment of absolutely everything that is fantastic about FUR and is certainly one which you can see being a chart topper if it was put out to the masses.

If Fur continue to put on shows like this, we could very easily be looking at one of the future’s biggest names in UK music. The four-piece have secured themselves as one of the freshest acts around today and their momentum will only continue to grow if they keep outputting such a high calibre of sound. The 60s may have been over half a century ago and some of its iconic characters may have become the butt of a bad joke, but Fur have proven that the genre is by no means dead and has a live following which needs to be pursued. If you have the chance to get down to a Fur show, take it with open arms as these guys will be playing sell out shows in no time at all.

Ben Walker

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