Easy Life – Green Door Store, Brighton – 14th November 2018

Photo by Liam McMillen

There are many beautiful things to love about Brighton, especially when it comes to music. One such thing is that whenever a particular buzz band comes to town, on a tour that has seen them play bigger venues in the likes of London and Manchester, they’re always squeezed into a 150-capacity room. As such, it almost doubles up the atmosphere and, for sold out shows like Easy Life at Green Door Store, makes them seem like momentous occasions. As a result, due to Easy Life’s spellbinding power, too, this was one of the finest shows of the year and, for a band on their first headline tour, this looked and sounded like a band playing to triple the amount of people.

The main support for the tour came from Birmingham rapper Kofi Stone, who impressed with his lyrical nuance and expert stage presence. Whether it was with ‘Karma’, a song about how people’s action will catch up with them, where he got a healthy dose of audience interaction, or with ‘Rodney Stone’, a heartfelt song about his parents getting divorced at an impressionable age, he’s an artist that brings out intense emotion with clever, and witty, lyrical wordplay.

This night belonged to Easy Life, however, and they made sure to stamp their authority on the night in an instant. With the first few bars of their new single ‘Nightmares’ playing over the PA, and an intense light and sound show that wouldn’t look out of place in an arena, the band arrived to such a rapturous applause I’m not sure they would have even had to play a note. When they did, though, it was made instantly evident just why they’re the buzz band of the moment.

It was with an early showcase of second single ‘Frank’, where the Easy Life appeal became apparent. Each and every member of the thrilling quintet are expert musicians, swiftly switching instruments at ease, and subsequently creating a wholesome, world-building sound. From a brass section of saxophone and trumpet, to doubling up on keyboards, Easy Life make an indie sound that is completely unique. A beautiful fusion of jazz, soul, indie and hip-hop, this was not only a unique performance, but an intensely enjoyable experience.

Then came the bangers. ‘Pockets’, which saw frontman Murray enter the crowd for a wholesome sing and dance with his adoring fans, it created a sense of euphoria that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in a venue such as Green Door Store. Likewise, ending song ‘Nightmares’, a song that has seen the five-piece take another huge step to the big-time and even seen them don the Jools Holland stage, had every nook and cranny of the sold-out crowd singing and dancing along.

Thus far in their relatively short career, Easy Life have divided opinion due to their laid-back and youthful approach to the jazz and soul genres. Whether rightly or wrongly, this is the sort of performance that would make their critics sit up and take notice. An incredibly charismatic band, with such a passionate audience, this was an utter delight and a real treat.

Liam McMillen

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