Bloxx – Komedia, Brighton – 18th November 2018

Photo by Liam McMillen

Just over a year ago, we witnessed a band at Komedia Studio Bar that truly captured the imaginations of teenage girls and drove them into a state of euphoria. It’s fitting, then, that a year on, a band that supported them on tour has accomplished exactly the same thing in exactly the same venue. The band is Uxbridge quartet Bloxx, who drove their majority teenage girl audience at Komedia Studio Bar into a state of despair with their dizzying take on garage rock, indie-rock and indie-pop. With an extremely dedicated crowd loving every minute and a ridiculously impressive set bursting with brilliant singles, Bloxx looked and sounded every bit the band of the moment.

Opening on the night were Brighton band Youth Sector, who are beginning to showcase their true potential. Getting better and better with every show across the city, this was an exceptionally impressive performance to a decent sized crowd. Showcasing their latest single ‘Automatic’, which evokes the likes of Pixies and Green Day with its spiky, intelligent riffs but with an art-rock twist conjured by frontman Nick Tompkins’ stuttered delivery, it was a dynamic performance with a sense of glee from the band. Improving with every note, Youth Sector are set to take 2019 by storm.

Main support for the whole tour came from Edinburgh quartet Vistas, who wowed the audience with their enigmatic and pulsating take on indie-rock. Evoking the likes of Clean Cut Kid and Blossoms, there’s a sense of youthfulness to the band that is extremely captivating and, with tracks such as ‘Retrospect’ and ‘Strong Swimmer’ providing a sense of elation, they certainly left Komedia with more fans than they came with. Additionally, brand-new single ‘Headspace’ is a thrilling slice of indie-rock, with a brilliantly addictive chorus.

Of course, it was Bloxx that everyone was waiting to see and excitement was building in the air for their arrival. With an opening of ‘Curtains’, their enigmatic and eerie third single setting the tone for a thrilling night, Bloxx already had the audience in the palm of their hand. Following up with ‘Second Opinion’ and ‘Lay Down’, it has to be said it’s remarkably impressive that the band – without even an EP to their name as yet – can produce a set littered with so many memorable bangers. As such, the youthful audience were bouncing around with exhilaration and watching on with severe adulation.

“This is an old one called ‘Coke’ and I want you all to dance along to it” stated lead singer Ophelia before rifling into the 2017 single. Dutifully carrying out the call to arms, it’s difficult to imagine what the audience wouldn’t do for the band at this point. With an incredible rapport between both all night, there’s no doubt about whether Bloxx are set for indie stardom. As the likes of ‘Monday’ and ‘Novocain’ continue to whirl around the Komedia’s small room, they’ve certainly got the songs to back up the fawning too. With an EP out at the beginning of 2019, I’ll be very surprised if the band aren’t next in line to be crowned the next indie darlings after their old touring buddies Pale Waves. Quite beautifully, Bloxx are building an unwavering fanbase one electric show at a time.

Liam McMillen