The Hundredth Anniversary – Interview – 2017

The Hundredth Anniversary are another incredible band from Brighton, who have recently released an exceptional debut album that we have been obsessing over at, perfectly summed up by our writer Ben Walker as “musical euphoria”. Falling into no particular category, The Hundredth Anniversary drifts seamlessly across 90s indie, post punk and alternative rock in one smooth and glorious motion. On their debut, Sea State Pictures, they have put together a spectacular and intriguing 34 minutes full of exquisite vocals and striking instrumentation that is as compelling as it is pleasing. We had to find out more about the group so we met up with Eleanor Rudge (vocals, guitar), Chris Lowe (bass) and Dem Marther (drums) from the band.


The Seshen – Interview – 2017

San Francisco based six-piece, the Seshen’s enticing electronic soul sound combines synths, drum machines, live percussion and the remarkable harmonies of lead singer, Lalin St. Juste, to create a magical forward-thinking concoction of influences from r’n’b, pop and electronic music. Glorious textures and heavenly grooves are the staple in their newest album Flames & Figures (released on Tru Thoughts Records, October 2016), superbly and effortlessly swelling from mesmerizing throbbing basslines to glistening pop harmonics. Ahead of The Seshen’s UK tour, stopping for what is sure to be a mesmerizing set at The Green Door Store on 12th March, we put some questions to Lalin St. Juste to find out more about the band.


Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Interview – 2017

For an artist to make you want to hear and find out more about them after just a single listen of one of their tracks, is quite a profound talent. Gabriel Garzón-Montano has talent in abundance – playing the violin from a young age, his mother started his musical training early, which culminated in him being the impressive multi-instrumentalist he is today. Now with a stunning EP (Bishouné: Alma del Huila, 2014) and debut album (Jardin, 2017) under his belt, Gabriel has created a sound that is unidentifiable and stands completely on its own, being a tribute to the music that he has grown up with and loves. We spoke to Gabriel ahead of his European tour, to find out more about him, his debut album and the future.


Broadbay – Interview – 2017

Raucous energy and heavy riffs makes for music you want to lose your shit to. Broadbay are championing this, gaining a reputation on the road as well as in Brighton for a mighty live show by bringing emotionally-tainted 90s grunge rock that will have you stage diving in seconds. Just check out their epic 360° music video for their newest single ‘Long Term Plan’ and you’ll get the idea. On Tuesday 23rd February they start three consecutive release shows (prepare yourselves) for their upcoming six track Long Term Plan EP, so we met up with James Willet, Bill Wood and Angus McAlpine to find out more about Broadbay.


Howland – Interview – 2017

Howland have been causing quite a stir! The pop-rockers have been playing raucous show all over the south coast as well as leaving a lasting mark on support slots with Fickle Friends, High Tyde and Clean Cut Kid. The rawness of their latest single, ‘No Way’, strikes an emotional chord that any love torn individual will latch onto from its very beginning, finding solace in the raucous, untamed body of the track that is sure to replicate well live. Ahead of their first headline show at The Hope & Ruin on 21st February, we met up with the Brighton-based four-piece to find out more about Howland.


Leif Vollebekk – Interview – 2017

Montreal singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leif Vollebekk is about unveil his new album, Twin Solitude, via Secret City Records. The third track off the album, the beautifully raw and minimalist ‘Elegy’ has gone viral, thanks to the striking video that accompanies the track. Directed by Kaveh Nabatian, the ‘Elegy’ video was filmed in a Florida beach town that Leif frequented as a child. During filming, he danced in the dunes through sunset, followed by Nabatian with a camera strapped to him and a speaker attached so they could hear the song. The pair danced up and down the dunes all day, until it got dark and they were kicked off the beach.

There’s an airy quietness and glacial beauty to much of Twin Solitude, an album that was apparently written very quickly, almost stream-of consciousness-like in the lyric department. And because of that there is passionate honesty throughout, a work of unpasteurised elegance, written pretty much in-the-moment and recorded live, on to tape.

Vollebekk released his second album, the breakthrough North Americana in 2013, and since then has performed at the Newport Folk Festival and shared stages with Beth Orton, Sinéad O'Connor, Patrick Watson, William Fitzsimmons and Sam Amidon. He’ll be touring the UK very shortly, in support of Colorado folk artist Gregory Alan Isakov so we caught up with him to talk about his musical background.


Froth – Interview – 2017

Under the banner of pulsating motorik rhythms, delicate shoegaze, prominent soundscapes and dreamy vocals, Outside (Briefly) is an early contender for album of the year. Froth’s third LP is the sound of a band finding its voice in what is a refined studio effort and the group’s most unified work to date. Gone are the days of the catchy psych-pop, to be replaced by far more experimental arrangements which bring the intricate melodies and compositions to the core.

With the band this week announcing a UK tour, which kicks off at The Great Escape festival in May, I had a chat with frontman/guitarist JooJoo Ashworth and bassist Jeremy Katz about the new record and what the future holds for the LA-based four-piece.


Anchorsong – Interview – 2017

Releasing one of the albums of 2016 in Ceremonial, Anchorsong has become a musical favourite for us and music fans alike. On record, every track takes influences from tribal sounds, such as afrobeat or highlife, as well as the stylings of his home country, creating an incredible dream world of unique progressive beats and otherworldly atmospherics. Live, Anchorsong starts with a blank canvas, using his MPC2500 to paint an intriguing soundscape of pulsing rhythms that swell and evolve into an utterly spellbinding show, whether it is solo or with orchestration. Ahead of his February tour, he is playing at The Rose Hill in Brighton for a very special intimate show, we spoke to Masaaki Yoshida to find out more about Anchorsong.


Fufanu – Interview – 2017

There was a blonde haired, Northern European standing aloft the stage monitors, peering menacingly into the packed crowd. A mean and moody bassist, like an extra from some obscure spaghetti western. A lank, vaguely malnourished drummer, long, Brian Connolly 70s glam hair swishing around as he sets about his drum kit with serious intent. And a rather hidden guitarist/keyboardist, obviously the musical mastermind of the band, having to deal with a broken guitar strap hinge as the roadie comes on and applies layer after layer of gaffer tape in a bid to keep the game flowing. This was Fufanu, the Icelandic post-punk-inspired band, who played a fearsome set at last year’s The Great Escape. Walking that fine line between exhilirating emotional intensity and gloomily meditative contemplation, Fufanu add plenty of techno and electronic textures and sounds, as well as a predilection for Neu!-like grooves and mildly psychedelic flourishes in sculpturing a sound that builds gently but remorsefully, and without indulging in over-the-top pyrotechnics nor needless breakdowns. There’s an understated pop sensibility to the band, but ultimately it’s definitely music to get lost into, especially on the live stage where they deliver a mean, moody and exciting show. We caught up with lead singer Kaktus Einarsson, on the back of the new album Sports and an upcoming UK tour.


WILLOH – Interview – 2017

Female-fronted Brighton foursome WILLOH are a band in the early stages of formation, but already they are crashing their way onto the Brighton music scene. Gentle vocals, contrasted with riotous 90s grunge pop makes them a unique and endlessly entertaining group who we’ll definitely be seeing more of.

Brighton foursome WILLOH are bringing grungy pop-rock to Brighton in a femme fatale whirlwind. Likened to Honeyblood and Wolf Alice, frontwomen Sammy Nottage and Hattie Upton-Dance met at University and started jamming straight away. With a few great songs under their belt and a whole lot of attitude, the girls expanded into the foursome that exists today. Already making impressive gains, they’ve got several UK festival appearances lined up for this summer and have just released their debut single ‘Haircut’ which features gentle vocals and riotous guitar riffs. We caught up with all four of them to learn a bit more about the band.