The Wave Pictures – Interview – 2015

The Wave Pictures are a three piece band who are prolific in making albums. Since the band came to life in 1998 they have released 14 albums, their most recent (Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon) being a collaborative effort with the legendary cult artist Billy Childish who co-wrote and produced the album. It was all recorded using Billy Childish’s equipment, including his 60s Selmer amps, a 60s drum kit and his rocket-ship shaped guitar, which all helped to bring out a different side to The Wave Pictures music. The band are renowned for their amazing live performances, never using keyboards or guitar effect pedals, but still creating the perfect encompassing sound. I spoke to guitarist and lead vocalist, David Tattersall, to find out more about the band.


Gaps Interview – 2015

Way before Gaps was formed, Rachel and Ed met at school in Coventry (“we had an Electronics class together”). After university in Brighton, and sometime later, they were reunited through a mutual friend. That was fate starting the ball rolling, and the first baby steps of the Gaps.

I first had the joy of seeing the Rachel and Ed playing their minimal electro-folk in a very dark room at the Prince Albert. The audience were all captivated, quite possible hypnotised by Rachel’s angelic voice and their celestial beats. There was a lot of love in that room at that time for the duo, for not only was it their homecoming gig after a short tour, but their fan base has quickly multiplied after some beautiful releases and a big collaboration EP with DJ extraordinaire Maya Jane Coles. I caught up with the pair over a quick bit to eat to hopefully find out when their debut album is going to appear.