Tigercub are a three-piece from Brighton that have been kicking about for about five years and have grown a great reputation as a live band. Abstract Figures in The Dark is their first album release and from the very beginning you can tell it’s a well polished affair.

The album is full of simple driving rhythms that are reminiscent of classic 70s / 80s pop punk rock. The album starts with a long gentle intro to the song ‘Burning Effigies’ before kicking into full swing with some nice hooky vocal lines like “Until you’re gone”, “Truth denier and truth divides us” and “It’s like I’m made out of stone” and is your typical driven-mad-by-your-partner type song.

Though don’t let this lead you to think this is yet another teen-angst screw-the-world type album. Tigercub have more in the bag than that. The second track ‘Memory Boy’ is almost bubblegum pop with a killer driving bass line. Much like the Ramones they have the ability to come up with clever witty lyrics over simple but punchy melodies that grab your attention.

I have to admit the album sounded a little bit over polished the first time I listened to it but after a few listens and tuning my ears into the sound I’ve grown to like it a lot more. It’s definitely an album that has grown on me the more I’ve heard it. It’s certainly a big sound from a three-piece and they fill the audio spectrum to the full in places. Unsurprisingly ‘Migraine’ is such a track with wailing guitars over a booming bass and clashing drum track.

One of the most bizarre tracks is the fifth one, ‘Can You Hear Me (interlude)’ which sounds like one of those pocket phone calls you get from an unlocked phone. There is certainly something in the background to this 23 second interlude but I could not hear what it was. This is followed by the dreamy tracks ‘Up in Smoke’ and ‘The Golden Ratio’ that does seem to stand out more from having the interlude before it.

‘Control’ and ‘Serial Killer’ get us back on the rocky pop vibe with ‘Control’ being the punchy attention-grabbing pop and ‘Serial Killer’ more melodic. The title track ‘Abstract Figures in The Dark’ is a nice anthem at the end of the album with the closing track ‘Black Tides’ a slow rolling track that sounds like a nod to the old cotton picking songs of 50s America.

After seeing them live a couple of times, listening to the album has given me a chance to get to know the songs a bit better. Which is always a good thing and now I desperately want to see them live again as I missed them when they played Brighton a few weeks ago. Though there is another chance to see them on their tour in London in a few weeks time and as it’s Tigercub I’m fairly sure it won’t be long before they are playing Brighton again.
Jonski Mason

Website: tigercubtigercub.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/tigercubtigercub