The Wytches – All Your Happy Life

The début album from The Wytches, Annabel Dream Reader, is one of the most impressive albums I've heard over the last few years and I always wondered if they would be able to follow it up with something equally as good. I'm happy to report that All Your Happy Life does the job and takes their music on to the next level without losing that unique sound they have developed.

If the first album was about dreams of what could be this one feels more like a living-the-dream album. Moving from 'in the bedroom songs' to 'songs on the road' which is not surprising as they must have clocked up a few miles on the road since their first album came out.

The album kicks of with a very short intro, which is mainly a 25-second burst of a wailing chords followed by 'C Side' which starts with a typical Wytches style heavy rift. When the vocals kick in you instantly hear the production differences between this and the last album. The vocals are brighter and higher in the mix, delivered with more clarity and confidence.

The album as a whole continues like this, still with the heavy grooves and meandering vocals but with a somewhat gentler feel. Some of the vocals even sound a bit like a heavy take on The Beatles with songs like 'Feeling We Get' and ‘Throned’. These have layers of vocals and a dreamy melody interspersed with heavy bits that feel like a bit of a branch out in a new direction but not enough to leave existing fans behind.

‘Ghost House’ and ‘Crest of Death’ have a much closer sound to that of Annabel Dream Reader with a heavy psychedelic feel and stabby hooks. While ‘A Dead Night’ and ‘Dumb-Fill’ are very catchy tunes with a nice rolling pace. Finishing off the album with the softest track ‘Home’, the perfect song to end the journey.

Listening to this album made me dig out the first one and have a listen to them back-to-back. You can certainly see the progression between the two but the stand well together. It’s like the second chapter of an unfolding story and once again they have left me eager to hear what comes next. Still one of the most interesting bands around in my opinion and I can’t wait to see the new songs live.
Jonski Mason

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