Isaac Gracie – Isaac Gracie

Sobering lyricism and a voice that will rival even the most established of singers, Isaac Gracie is one new name on the scene about to make an enormous impact. Already racking up millions of streams with his previous single releases, Isaac’s debut album fully introduces us to a soft artist who has so much to share and is committed to proving that he is not a name to just brush over.

Opening this record is ‘Terrified’, which captures the general feel to the album and Isaac’s sound perfectly: a sobering dreariness lingers around the track before diving into a fully fledged sound which is filled to the brim with character. Isaac’s tones are truly like no other male artist on the scene today, stressing such a tentative, soft feel before being able to blow up into a powerful force which cannot be underestimated. The themes of reaching into the unknown litter this track, using brilliant lyricism to capture his points, it is a phenomenal opening which sets the bar high for the album to continue on from.

There is little to no disappointment that follows, whilst a number of the initial tracks are formulated from previous single releases, they all demonstrate new sides to the artist, each highlighting different aspects of his talent further. Isaac is definitely a perfectionist and you can truly feel his emotion in tracks such as ‘The Death of You & I’, which uses a bouncy, almost jazz-like foundation before crashing into sporadic sheer tidal waves of intensely aggressive sound as his vocals roar over the top. From here we’re cast into a series of slow and upbeat tracks. ‘Running on Empty’ holds an almost nostalgic sense for American rock and roll which also suits his voice remarkably well and brings forth the first chorus you can see being chanted in a festival environment. Meanwhile, ‘When You Go’ sees Isaac utilising some simple but effective fingering melodies whilst allowing his silky voice to dance over the top of the track, this song places the narrative in the forefront and it pays off wonderfully, you can truly place yourself in his shoes and picture every scene just as it is described. Simply a wonderful listen showing off Isaac’s folk side at its best.

Everything about this album fits its place immensely and you can see the level of thought that has gone into structuring it. Each track flows seamlessly from the last whilst still maintaining a brilliant sense of difference between each, whether it be through a shift in pacing or demonstrating new aspects of Isaac’s vocal capabilities, there is something for everyone in this release. ‘Silhouettes Of You’ is an example of just this, the acoustic guitar makes for a brilliant foundation for Isaac’s higher tones to thrive and stress their own sense of intense emotion and intrigue. As the track develops, it becomes a piece of terrific harmony work and smooth instrumentals; you can’t help but step back and realise that this is an artist with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.

Despite this, we’ve still not reached the album’s pinnacle yet, which utilises a classic ‘best for last’ rhetoric. ‘Reverie’ is the track that will define Isaac Gracie as a household name in the near future. I will gladly go ahead and say that this is my favourite track of this year. No matter how many times you listen to it, the song still holds the ability to punch you right in the heartstrings. The soft beginning and hollow guitar riff allows Isaac’s soft voice to grow, providing a simple melody which lands an incredibly impactful sense of emotion behind it. As the track grows we are then met with Isaac’s high tones, which are simply heavenly to an all new level and capture everything that makes his sound so unique. I can guarantee you that listening to this song will bring you the best, but equally saddest, six minutes of your day.

Isaac Gracie is a debut which will almost certainly skyrocket this 23-year-old into the limelight, it feels as though there is no limit to Isaac’s sound and that we will only continue to hear incredible things from this artist. If you’re looking for an emotional roller-coaster of an album which combines varying styles of blissful instrumentals with the silky voice of an artist you can’t help but fall in love with, Isaac Gracie is the name for you.

Ben Walker