Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet

‘The Bullet’ is the second single from Brighton based Birdeatsbaby’s third album ‘The Bullet Within’ due out in the summer. They released ‘Ghosts’ as a first single last October to help feed ‘the flock’ (their faithful fan club) but this feels more like a proper introduction to me. ‘The Bullet’ is big, bold and bombastic where ‘Ghosts’ was plaintive, sparse and beautiful. Here rock drums and wide-angle guitars take centre stage when the previous single was all about shimmering adagio strings and arpeggiated piano.

‘The Bullet’ is exciting from the off, led by Mishkin Fitgerald’s strong vocal and piano it manages to showcase all the best things about the band: their musicianship, originality and not least their skill at arrangement. This song takes you on a real journey but never loses its momentum. Lyrically I feel like they’re exploring the trials and tribulations of choosing a creative path over one that is seemingly more sensible, but that may just be me reading between the lines and seeking metaphors. It could equally be about a doomed relationship.
Birdeatsbaby are a band whose macabre image has been fully realised from the start, but, from the strength of their latest singles, it feels like they have finally found the sound in the studio to match it. Self-funded (the band impressively raised £11,000 on kickstarter to help promote the album) and recorded locally with producer Forbes Coleman at Audiobeach Studios the sound is richer and more detailed than their previous output and bodes extremely well for the new album which we await with bated breath.

Adam Kidd