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Plastic Mermaids

Plastic Mermaids – Interview

The Isle of Wight, it’s in a bit of a time warp, is it not? I ask Douglas Richards, who ...
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The Murder Capital

The Murder Capital – Spotlight

The times they are a-changing, sang the Duluth bard, more than half a century ago. But even that visionary would ...
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Love Supreme Festival 2019

Started in 2013, and billed as the first outdoor jazz festival for over 20 years, Love Supreme has always been ...
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Penelope Isles – Interview

Formed around the chemistry of siblings and dual songwriters Jack and Lily Wolter, Brighton based Penelope Isles are a classic ...
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Jesca Hoop – Interview

As an early mentor of Jesca Hoop, Tom Waits described her music as, "like a four-sided coin. She is an ...
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Bang Bang Romeo

“The bigger the stage, the better it is. For me, as a vocalist, I see the stage as a playground ...
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The Great Escape Festival 2019

With an apparent administrative cock up with dates to deal with, The Great Escape was a week earlier than normal, ...
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Flamingods – Interview

Unusual band, the Flamingods. From Bahrain, and made up of Kamal Rasool, Charles Prest, Karthik Poduval, and Sam Rowe, for ...
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Mr Bongo

Mr Bongo – Interview

Starting life in the late 80s as a record shop in London, selling super rare Latin music, Mr Bongo eventually ...
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Stella Donnelly – Interview

The Australian singer songwriter Stella Donnelly has juts released her debut album Beware of the Dogs, following a number of ...
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