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Brightonsfinest – online music magazine – record & publishing company – live events and radio show based in the wonderful, vibrant city of Brighton.

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Frank Sansom

CEO Brightonsfinest frank@brightonsfinest.com ...
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Lesley Lawrence

Commercial Manager lesley@brightonsfinest.com Phone: 07947 846 474 ...
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Jeff Hemmings

Content and Feature Interviews jeff@brightonsfinest.com Reviews by Jeff ...
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Adam Kidd

Reviews, Design, Photography, Promotion & Publicity adam@brightonsfinest.com Also ...
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Liam Mcmillen

Reviews liam@brightonsfinest.com Reviews by Liam Mcmillen ...
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Jonski Mason

Programming, Photograpy & Video jonski@brightonsfinest.com Reviews by Jonski ...
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Dan White

Editor dan@brightonsfinest.com Reviews by Dan White ...
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