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Laish - Song for Everything

Laish – Song for Everything

Danny Green is Laish, a sensitive, introspective singer-songwriter, now based in London, who has been on Brightonsfinest's radar for some time. Song for Everything is his latest EP, featuring four classy tracks veering between gentle, stripped back, acoustic guitar-picking numbers and mellow pacey tracks with a fuller band sound. Danny is currently fund-raising for the next full-length Laish record, so this EP is probably best obtained by supporting the campaign on IndieGoGo. Most of the options on there will get you an immediate download of the EP and a forthcoming copy of the album once it has been completed.

The title track is a stripped back melancholy affair, with only a minimal percussive sound keeping time, with a picked electric guitar up front and swirling ambience in the distance. The song is full of longing, sounding like a prayer to a lover one is losing or has lost; “So I wanna look you in the eye and say I tried, I'm trying, I'm trying, and I will get to you like no one else gets to you.” After this beautiful stark number to open, Laish shake things up with the optimistic indie pop of 'Learning To Love The Bomb' which sounds bouncy and joyful, with its counter-point vocals, steady up-beat rhythm and soft warm synths. One suspects though that there's a little more than meets the eye, lyrically... why love a bomb? There's an excellent bridge section, where things break down and Danny adopts a slightly bluer note in his main chorus melody, hinting at the darker subtext.

'My Little Prince' starts off sounding like it's going to be another stripped back acoustic number, with just guitar and what sounds like it could be a harmonium in the background, but then a driving dirty bass guitar kicks in and propels the song into another dimension altogether. There are some lovely changes in the track as the rhythm evolves throughout and it has a lovely, harmony-filled chorus. The end builds to a fantastic crescendo, the whole track showcases a flair for detailed arrangement. The title of 'Rattling Around' is echoed in the complex cascading arpeggios that seem to weave around your head as they travel across each other from speaker to speaker, instrument to instrument. It's a luscious sound, enhanced by a soft, slow-tremolo bowed violin part, that's so precise it could be sampled – it comes to the fore as the track reaches its ending and you realise it has been there for some time, holding one note and creating a gentle sort of tension. It's a beautiful moment to end a sweet EP on, it's got a perfect spring feel to it, with its balance between melancholy and upbeat the perfect recipe for emerging out of the colder winter months and of course this all bodes well for the full length album being a corker too. Get yourself onto IndieGoGo and help make this thing happen – there's only a couple of weeks to go!
Adam Kidd

Website: laishmusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/laishmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/LAISHmusic





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