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Live Reviews

Oscar Jerome – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Oscar Jerome

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
LOYAL – Patterns, Brighton

Patterns, Brighton
Lost Horizons - Komedia, Brighton
Lost Horizons

Komedia, Brighton
Slug - Green Door Store, Brighton

Green Door Store, Brighton

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Album Reviews

The Blinders - Columbia

The Blinders – Columbia

The world is a mess. Media deciding on our behalf what is and what isn’t ‘fake news’. Front page headlines screaming ‘Crush The Saboteurs’. Your every move online tracked and marketed by faceless corporations. As reality creeps ever nearer to the plot of George Orwell’s classic 1984, a few dissenting voices are beginning to be heard. Jockeying for position now are Manchester-via-Doncaster’s The Blinders, whose debut, Columbia, arrives with perfect timing. Loosely based on that influential novel, it uses it as a springboard into a suitably paranoid world.

Paul Weller - True Meanings

Paul Weller – True Meanings

After his recent psychedelic noise explorations, Paul Weller has returned to a more acoustic and gentle style on True Meanings, his 14th solo studio album. While there is little here to raise the pulse, instead what he has produced is a record that is perhaps his most cohesive and consistent in recent years. With a host of guest stars dropping in (many whose influence is not immediately apparent), it is a piece of work to soothe souls and cool minds as we head out of that never-ending, hot summer.

Gazelle Twin - Pastoral

Gazelle Twin – Pastoral

The EU Referendum, and its noxious aftermath, is STILL the big news of the day, as the countdown to the UK's exit from the EU continues, people of all political persuasions (and even those who swear non-allegiance) in conversation about it all. What a Pandora's box! While it could be argued that tensions were always simmering beneath the surface of the supposedly liberal, tolerant, and welcoming British veneer, they were just that. Since then, tensions have been ratcheted up, perhaps close to the point of boiling over, which is what some are predicting in the not-too-distant future, largely dependent upon whether or not a 'deal' is struck between the EU and the UK, and how that situation ends up exasperating the current austere socio-economic landscape.

Villagers - The Art of Pretending to Swim

Villagers – The Art of Pretending to Swim

Villagers’ arrival on the scene back in 2010 came at a fortuitous time. While acoustic-based music was doing well in the charts (with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Ed Sheeran dismantling them for their own pleasure), the Irish band rode the wave and came out with a Mercury Prize nomination and a whole load of excitable new fans. Those fans have stayed, showcased by their upcoming sold-out show at The Old Market, but the music has certainly changed. If the likes of Becoming a Jackal and {Awayland} were their commercial successes, The Art of Pretending to Swim is their Sgt Pepper or Pet Sounds. Experimental and whimsical, with enough to anchor it down in the here and the now, it’s an absolute triumph of an album.

Suede – The Blue Hour

Suede – The Blue Hour

The Blue Hour is every bit as cold and earthy as its name suggests. It's an album filled with ideas of dead birds and decay. The sound of old stone filled with weeds and rusted fences. This is pretty familiar territory for Suede by this point. This is one of the few comebacks done without any sense of throwback and, more importantly, from a band with many more good ideas to get out. Where so many bands fall victim to going backwards on an everlasting victory lap, Suede showed no intention of retracing old ground again. They wanted to push themselves further forward.

BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence

BROCKHAMPTON – iridescence

For a band as prolific as BROCKHAMPTON have been, 2018 has been a quiet year for the “World’s best boy band”. Sure, they finally came over to Europe and absolutely killed it, including heroic sets at Reading and Leeds Festival and two sold-out shows at London’s KOKO. Sure, they dropped some of their finest singles to date in the form of ‘1997 DIANA’, ‘1998 TRUMAN, and ‘1999 WILDFIRE’, but after a 2017 that saw them release three albums, it was always going to be difficult to top that. BROCKHAMPTON, however, have been breaking perceptions since their inception.

Dilly Dally - Heaven

Dilly Dally – Heaven

“It's been tough getting to this point, but through those grey clouds we were able to find strength in our music and create something pure”, stated Dilly Dally on the release of their second record, Heaven. So it was, with various factors creating a three year gap between first and second records. In fact, it was the success of their debut album Sore, which sent them nationwide and earned them plaudits from the likes of The Guardian and NME, which almost broke the band. Straining their friendships and mental health, it was very nearly the end of the Toronto band. Nevertheless, they’ve finally arrived with their second record and it’s absolutely brilliant. Keeping the feistiness of Sore, with a newfound resilience and sense of hope, Heaven could be better than its predecessor.

Orbital - Monsters Exist

Orbital – Monsters Exist

One of the great survivors of the British dance music boom, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnell have had their differences, their relationship breakdowns and splits, but at the end of the day they know that it is only working under the name Orbital that they can truly thrive.

Jungle - For Ever

Jungle – For Ever

Jungle’s eponymous album sent them stratospheric. It allowed them to play around the world, headlining such legendary venues as Brixton Academy, receive praise from Noel Gallagher (no easy feat), and arguably kickstart London’s new obsession with funk, soul and jazz. Then they disappeared. Relocating to Los Angeles, they went to “find themselves” and came out with their sophomore record, For Ever. A fusion of trip-hop, neo-soul, and plastic soul, with all the ingredients that made their debut great, For Ever is an instant classic.

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