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Live Reviews

LICE – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
The Magic Numbers – The Old Market, Hove
The Magic Numbers

The Old Market, Hove
Amber Run – Green Door Store
Amber Run

Green Door Store, Brighton
Frank Turner – The Roundhouse, London
Frank Turner

The Roundhouse, London

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Gaz Coombes - Interview 2018

Gaz Coombes – Interview 2018

Gaz Coombes is one of those wonderful examples of a lead singer going solo and completely smashing it while moving away in a different direction. Since leaving seminal Britpop group Supergrass, he’s released three fantastic records, Here Come the Bombs, Matador, and brand-new album, World’s Strongest Man. We said that World’s Strongest Man was, “A continuing examination of ideas of masculine power, pride and ego” with, “Coombes laying bare his own frailties, in mind and body.” It’s a truly excellent record, and we sat down with Gaz Coombes to talk World’s Strongest Man, Frank Ocean, hip-hop, Record Store Day and Resident Records.

The Magic Gang – Interview 2018

It took a while. But when they finally got it together, it was good. Very good. Formed and developed in Brighton, their recently released debut album has been winning some of those super rare 100%, 10/10 reviews, from people who can't get enough of their 70s and 80s classic pop-rock songs. Where harmonies and hooks are the most important thing. The four-piece have it in spades it seems, and we'll miss them as they move out of Brighton and head for the Big Smoke. However, they'll be back for this year's The Great Escape, as well as a date with Concorde 2 in the autumn. Brightonsfinest hooked up with guitarist, singer and songwriter Jack Kaye while they were in town recently for an in-store at Resident.

Blossoms – Interview 2018

The Stockport five-piece Blossoms caught the imagination with their debut album of 2016, which sailed to number one in the album charts. It was quite an achievement, but this young band's propensity for producing straight ahead classic pop fare with an 80s vibe, hit the mark big time. As will, almost certainly, the new album, Cool Like You. A bit shinier, and more synth-driven, it's still full to the brim of catchy, melodic pop-rockers that will take them to another, more rarefied level.

Isaac Gracie – Interview 2018

Isaac Gracie – Interview 2018

The 23-year-old West Londoner has been making some serious waves these last two years, culminating in the release of his debut album a couple of weeks ago. He always had a voice - as a choir boy - but didn't start making his own music until his late teens, inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, and discovering the joys of GarageBand. Hunkering down in his bedroom to write and record, Gracie's 'Last Words' demo inspired industry interest, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sunflower Bean - Interview 2018

Sunflower Bean – Interview 2018

After their exceptional sophomoric album, Twentytwo in Blue, which we called, “A thrilling ride which lands a solid sonic punch right in your guts” and their exceptional take-down of Brighton’s Concorde 2 a couple of weeks ago, we were honoured to chat to Sunflower Bean about their Top 40 record, making music in the American political landscape, and sitting Theo from Wolf Alice down to play him the record in full.

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